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April 2017  - I just wanted to say Thank You for showing me the MagVibe Pro and the Pro Float Lite and to let you know how well they worked for us. The crew was very impressed that the lightweight tool combo closed the surface with less passes than a traditional bull float, so we will be eliminating the old (tamper) roller bug and bull floats. They said it was unbelievable the ease of bump cutting and working the cream on the surface. We had a clean up delivered about 1 hour later and it blended the cold joint perfectly. We also noticed when troweling that the finish was tighter than normal, thus less troweling. The project owner was watching and has over 30 years experience in foundation construction and was amazed by how well the MagVibe Pro and Pro Float Lite performed. 

Christopher Chan




Florida Concrete Unlimited, INC

"We have been using Scott's products since 1996. Not only does he provide quality equipment but he provides customer service that is second to none. When Scott developed the Superior Power Trowel it was a industry changing design; now with the MagVibe he is breaking the mold of typical concrete placement with an innovative idea that is well before it's time." 

- Jason Goff

ACI South FL President
ACPA Regional Director
ABC Miami-Dade Council
Florida Concrete Unlimited, IN

Hoffman Stamped Concrete, LLC.

"I have to commend Scott on a great product. My company used the Mag Vibe all last year; after seeing it demonstrated at the World of Concrete 2012. We primarily install decorative concrete patios, pool decks and driveways. I have stamped concrete for 27yrs and have been under every circumstance possible for finishing concrete. The MagVibe hands down cuts finishing time in half. My crew is upset if the battery goes dead in the middle of a color job, because that means a lot of hand work and going fast before the concrete gets hard. With the Mag Vibe its quick and easy finishing every time with no rushing."

- Jason Hoffman

Hoffman Stamped Concrete, LLC.

Tech-Crete, INC.

"Concrete is one of the hardest jobs! We are always looking for products to make our job easier, We purchased a MagVibe and we love it! This has to be one of the best products of the year! Thanks MagVibe!!!"

- Brady Hole

Tech-Crete, INC
Clovis, CA


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